Curtain Call: 125 Amazing Years of The Actors Fund

Cover Art - Curtain Call - 125 Amazing Years of The Actor's Fund by Amy Waters Yarsinske

On March 12, 1882, a gathering of the most influential theater managers in New York was held at the Union Square Theatre. At this remarkable meeting, it was decided that an organization, to be known as The Actors Fund, must be established to protect all members of the theatrical community. A committee was appointed to “solicit subscriptions and organize a benefit,” with another appointed to “permanently organize the Fund and secure a charter.” These committees outlined the principles that were later embodied in the formal articles of incorporation and that continue to guide the organization today. Now beyond its 125th year, The Actors Fund continues to provide for the welfare of ALL entertainment professionals in film, theater, television, music, radio, opera, and dance with a broad spectrum of programs including comprehensive social services, health services, supportive and affordable housing, emergency financial assistance, employment and training services, and skilled nursing and assisted living care. The Actors Fund is the only – and the oldest – national nonprofit human services organization that helps both performers and those behind the scenes in the performing arts and entertainment industry.

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Proceeds from the book will enable The Actors Fund to increase support and services and to continue to meet the unique challenges that face those who enrich our national landscape with creativity, talent, and vision.

Here’s my “author’s note” on this project: The Actors Fund book was, in the end, an experience fraught with curve-balls. While I maintain the co-copyright to this work, you will not find my name as author on the book, though it was contracted as such, as was the co-copyright. At the end of the day, The Actors Fund made a decision to take the project in a creative direction that put no one’s name on the cover. For those of us in the writing world who wonder how that works, I’m still trying to figure it out. A sense of humor serves me well sometimes, though I would probably think twice about taking on a project that puts an author is such a difficult, if not awkward, position. Regardless, The Actors Fund is an incredibly worthy cause and the book is truly beautiful, one of two products completed for this project; the other was an equally impressive booklet for the organization’s anniversary gala.

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