Ocean View

Cover Art - Ocean View by Amy Waters Yarsinske

Ocean View, a rich historical beachfront hamlet on the northern-most reaches of the city of Norfolk, was at one time a major resort destination for beachgoers and amusement park lovers, from Florida to Maine and west to the Mississippi. Ocean View presents a comprehensive pictorial history of this resort, its development as an important residential and recreational section of Norfolk, and the people who made it happen from 1862 to 1965. Using over 170 photographs, including those shot by Charles S. Borjes, often called “Virginia’s finest press photographer of his day,” we can experience and explore this very special part of Norfolk. From the tranquility of the chapter entitled Mr. Lincoln Walks the Beach, set during the American Civil War, to the fury and excitement of sections like Hurricane!, Fisherman’s Paradise and the Coney Island of the South, and World War II and the Big Band Era, the history of Ocean View is chronicled with unsurpassed detail.