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An American in the Basement

An American in the Basement by Amy Waters Yarsinske,  Click now to get your copy

Winner of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Award for General Non-Fiction

The story of navy captain Michael Scott Speicher – the story of betrayal and cover up that cost a man his life – can now be told and it is one that you come to understand is one of history repeating itself. Speicher’s story is – no question - the seminal case in the ongoing saga of America’s prisoners of war and missing in action. An American in the Basement documents what happened to him from beginning to end and reveals for the first time information that has never been told to the American public – information no one was ever meant to find out.


As we come up on the #MemorialDay weekend, please remember the reason we set aside this day in the United States. #AmyWYarsinske #author #books #book ... See MoreSee Less

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From the Desk of Larry J. O'Daniel #LarryODaniel #NationalVietnamandGulfWarCommittee
Chairman #POW Committee
National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Committee
May 23, 2016

Open Letter to the President on your #Vietnam Visit: You Have Forgotten Our Men
Mr. President #Obama: #POWMIA #missing #lastknownalive #MIA #VietnamConflict #theforgotten

As a primary spokesman for a 250,000 member Veterans Organization on the issue of American POW/MIAs, I was going to urge you not to forget the following items. However, as usual, you have forgotten them. The items are

A. American #veterans of the Vietnam War transferred from Vietnam to #NorthKorea, #China, and #Russia for inhuman medical experiments that would put Mengeles to shame

B. Hundreds of American veterans held #prisoner in "second tier" prisons in Vietnam and elsewhere. Their existence was declared by the professional staff of the Senate Vietnam Committee on POWs as being alive and #captive in 1992. Their existence was further corroborated by documents found in #KGBGRU files secreted in the former #SovietUnion by an unbiased researcher.

C. Promises made by multiple Vietnamese governments to solve the above two issues in line with the Vietnamese Politburo member briefing them on the existence of these withheld prisoners. "It would be the correct thing to do."
I fully understand the strategic reasoning of becoming a "ally" so to speak with Vietnam to keep China and it's expansionist appetite in line. I even agree with the concept. As a veteran of the war, there are many issues the two governments could cooperate on.

However, to agree with the concept does not mean to play dead to the strategic interests of the United States and roll over for treaty breakers. There are Vietnamese citizens, as we speak, who cooperated with our government, at the risk of their lives, still persecuted in Vietnam because of that cooperation; for their religion; and their ethnicity. Your #State Department says such people do not exist - all who wanted to leave Vietnam in an orderly fashion left prior to normalization of relations. The State Department lied, as usual. The program was an impediment to normalized relations between the two countries, so we caved in, as usual. For those remaining today in Vietnam, unable to leave, their message was "thank you for your service, however, we cannot and will not help you leave." One more cave in to enemies on behalf of allies.

As a President with no war baggage [from Vietnam] to weigh you down, you had a unique opportunity to right many previous wrongs. However, you probably chose to follow the lead of your chief national security advisor on the National Security Council, who likewise has no known expertise on the subject. You may have even listened to a one time "antagonist" in the Presidential arena, a Vietnam Veteran, who has little credibility in the veteran community. In fact, his very claimed record to his Vietnamese captors was one of the verified subjects listed on the KGB/GRU document used to verify other contents, especially the number of POWs held in September 1972, plus those captured afterward, minus those who returned.

You may have even listened to your current Secretary of State, another Vietnam Veteran with #zerocredibility [#JohnKerry] in the Veterans Community. Together with his Republican ally [#JohnMcCain], just mentioned, the duo caused to be secreted, destroyed, and otherwise forgotten [all true], the entire rationale for the professional staff estimate of Americans left behind #leftbehind. They even went so far as to countenance coercion against governmental professionals who might be tempted to be #whistleblowers on the facts found in the #investigations. For sure, the duo forged an alliance which declared a criteria for proof in showing the existence of Americans abandoned in war that was so high that if a live prisoner had been able to testify, he still would have no credibility because he was no longer a prisoner.

When I talked with the Vietnamese Foreign Minister a few years back, I told him and his government the American people are generous, forgiving of wartime enemies, and eager to be friends. However, that attitude was conditional on being honest with each other on the issues cited. I further suggested many ways of solving the problem without either side losing face. We would be gracious on the basis of results, however constructed or construed by either side.
Israel has always stood as a beacon of how to resolve the problems, in my estimation. Many things can be accomplished once POWs, detainees, MIAs are fully returned and accounted for. However, consummation of acceptable deals and cover stories must be arranged.

Mr. President, you acted as expected. You dropped the ball. You sold out your subordinates for no known gain. You were never the "gutsy" President described as taking risks. You are ever the "patsy" to our adversaries.

Larry J O'Daniel is the current Chair of the POW Committee for the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Committee. A former Captain (AUS), he served as a field operative in the #PhoenixProgram in 1969. Crossed trained in Military #Intelligence, Infantry, and Electronic Warfare, he also holds an MOS as Military Historian. The author of two books on the POW issue, O'Daniel has likewise finished a book on the Phoenix Program as a guide for current operations in #Counterterrorism. O'Daniel has spoke before numerous audiences including Conferences on Vietnam at Texas Tech, Lubbock, the Special Forces Association, the Special Operations Association, and numerous regional and national news media. In 1979, he was sought out as an expert on the return of Robert Garwood from his captivity in Vietnam and during his subsequent trial. He has likewise served as an adviser to several family and veteran organizations on this issue. His comments may be explained, elaborated on, or commented on by contacting him at 928-304-4670. #AmyWYarsinske #author #books #book #AnAmericanintheBasement #TrineDay
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Amy Waters Yarsinske, Author updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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