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An American in the Basement

An American in the Basement by Amy Waters Yarsinske,  Click now to get your copy

Winner of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Award for General Non-Fiction

The story of navy captain Michael Scott Speicher – the story of betrayal and cover up that cost a man his life – can now be told and it is one that you come to understand is one of history repeating itself. Speicher’s story is – no question - the seminal case in the ongoing saga of America’s prisoners of war and missing in action. An American in the Basement documents what happened to him from beginning to end and reveals for the first time information that has never been told to the American public – information no one was ever meant to find out.


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HONORING LINCOLN: On February 12, 1909, Americans celebrated President Abraham Lincoln’s 100th birthday.

Although the bitter Civil War had ended less than 50 years prior, people nationwide gathered to honor the president who fought to preserve the Union.

Forts, battleships, and National Guard field batteries in New York fired a series of rounds to salute Lincoln. In the tiny town of Hodgenville, Kentucky, visitors flocked to the farm where Lincoln was born and drank from a stream that flowed on the property.

President Theodore Roosevelt gave a speech at the site, praising Lincoln’s ability to “fight valiantly against what he deemed wrong,” while still preserving “his love and respect for the brother from whom he differed.”

Meanwhile, future president Woodrow Wilson delivered a speech in Chicago. He recalled scenes from the Civil War, which he experienced as a young boy growing up in Augusta, Georgia.

At the end of the program, veterans of the Union Army marched out of the auditorium, saluting the son of President Ulysses S. Grant as they exited.

“There was scarcely a dry eye in the house,” reported an attendee. #AmyWYarsinske #AbrahamLincoln
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On February 12, 1909, Americans celebrated President Abraham Lincoln’s 100th birthday. Although the bitter Civil War had ended less than 50 years prior, people nationwide gathered to honor the pre...

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RHAPSODY IN BLUE: 'Rhapsody in Blue' premiered on this day in 1924 at a concert in New York City with composer George Gershwin on the piano with Paul Whiteman leading his Palais Royal Orchestra.

Leonard Bernstein fell in love with Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue' early in his life, and he conducted the piece from the piano over five decades with many orchestras, particularly in his role as a cultural ambassador.

Bernstein conducted and performed the work extensively beginning in 1945, leading the New York City Symphony for audiences of American servicewomen (1945), with the New York Philharmonic at the Metropolitan Opera House (1945), and on a U.S. Department of State tour of Germany, Italy, Hungary, Austria and the Netherlands (1948).

While in Germany, he performed “Rhapsody in Blue” with an orchestra of German internment camp survivors. Also, during the War for Independence, he performed the performed the work with the Israel Philharmonic - התזמורת הפילהרמונית הישראלית, including the legendary concert in the desert town of Beersheba (1948).

Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic performed the piece on the multi-country U.S. Department of State Tour which included performances Moscow and Kiev (1959), at the White House (1960), and on the 1976 Bicentennial Tour, which featured 20 performances in the United States and Europe. The final performance on the tour was on July 4, 1976, in Central Park.

We share with you a video excerpt of Bernstein playing and conducting 'Rhapsody in Blue' with the New York Philharmonic. #AmyWYarsinske
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