Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow, by Amy Waters YarsinskeMighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow – The History of Norfolk Collegiate School

“It is hard to believe that today’s Norfolk Collegiate had its beginnings in a small frame house,” writes Amy Waters Yarsinske in this touching tale of an endeavor that grew from a preschool and kindergarten founded by two teachers in a little schoolhouse at Ward’s Corner to one of the most prestigious college preparatory institutions in the United States.

Over fifty years has passed since Carolton Oaks was established on March 1, 1948. Within fifteen years of the school’s founding, the acorn of an endeavor grew to reflect more than bricks and mortar, school books and yearbooks. Tracing its history from the day when consummate educators Kate S. Jennings and Margaret Grigg Moore opened the doors of Carolton Oaks with only two other teachers at their side to welcome seventeen students, to March 1, 2000, the fifty-second anniversary of Norfolk Collegiate, Yarsinske has captured the stories of its founders, administrators, teachers and students who remain, even today, the heart and soul of the school.

In the words of cofounder Margaret Grigg Moore, Norfolk Collegiate continues “to develop maturity of soul as well as mind,” and to foster “an inward growth that can never be measured by human means.” In carefully chosen words and pictures, Yarsinske chronicles the rich history of the school and the lives touched so profoundly by the people who have come and gone through its doors.

If you cannot find a copy of the book through Amazon.com or E-Bay.com, contact the Norfolk Collegiate School Development Office through the Web site: http://www.norfolkcollegiate.org/RelId/606858/ISvars/default/Contact_Us.htm

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