Jamestown Exposition: American Imperialism on Parade Volume II

Cover Art - Jamestown Exposition: American Imperialism on Parade Volume I by Amy Waters Yarsinske

The fascinating story of the Jamestown Exposition of 1907, a tricentennial celebration of America’s first settlement in 1607, continues to unfold in this companion volume, which explores the exposition’s parades, exhibitions, and the people who worked and participated in the days’ events. Not only important as a statewide event, the exposition provided the United States government and many other states a platform to display their history and culture for the whole world to see and enjoy. In this second volume, you will continue your visual journey on the exposition grounds, viewing the new wonders of the time–flying machines–and the architecturally diverse State Buildings, such as Kentucky’s frontier-era fort, Virginia’s replica colonial planter’s mansion, and Vermont’s country cottage. As you thumb through these pages, you will learn the incredible stories of some of the most famous people of the day who attended the exposition, such as William Jennings Bryan and Mark Twain, and the captivating history of the Black Jamestown Exposition Company, a group that held a separate exhibit alongside the festivities of the larger exposition. Also, the exposition served as the starting point for the around-the-world voyage of President Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet, a bold demonstration of America’s naval superiority and new role as a leading world power.